5 Steps to Help Sell Your RV Quickly! 

1.Set the Price   Start by figuring out a rough market value for your RV. Begin by looking at value guides like the NADA or KBB. You also want to look at the range of retail prices. Usually you start with a base value and then add back in upgrade.  Be careful not to  over price your vehicle.  (A lot of sellers over value the upgrades.) Then check local ads, dealerships and online websites to see if your price is similar. (Your prices will be less than the dealer in most cases.)

2. Prep the RV    You want the RV to look as good as it can before you take pictures or let potential buyers see it. Make sure it is clean inside and out. Make sure all regular maintenance is complete, including anything that will be coming up soon. Buyers do not want to feel like they will need to take it in right away. Get a tune-up unless it has had one recently. Make all minor repairs and make sure everything is in working order. You do not want to turn prospective buyers off because one light bulb is not working. Even though it is a small thing, they may worry that there are other problems and that the motorhome was not well cared for.

3. Gather Paperwork    It will be easier to sell your RV if you have all the original manuals for it and for any appliances or features. A maintenance log is a great way to show prospective buyers properly taken care of it. Also make sure you have the title and necessary paperwork to transfer the RV after you sell it. If you are still paying on the loan, contact your lender to decide how to handle the transfer. They can release the title to the new owner as soon as the loan gets paid off (with the money from the sale) if all the paperwork is in order.

4. Advertise    You need to let people know you are selling an RV. To get the word out to the most people, choose a variety of methods. There are a large number of websites like http://rvsalebyowner.com which specialize in RV listings and several sites for on-line classified ads such as Craigslist. Also put a “for sale” sign or two on your RV and a paper up in the window with the basic information, including contact information. Tell neighbors, co-workers, friends and family that you are planning to sell your used RV for sale by owner so they can pass the word around.

5. Be Prompt and Flexible    Make sure you can easily and quickly answer buyers’ questions whether by phone, email or in person. Get back to all inquiries as soon as you can. You want to convince those with interest to come look at the RV. Have multiple days and times available to show and test-drive it. If it isn’t convenient for them, buyers make look elsewhere. Remember, it is up to you to sell your RV to them.

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