Find Great 5th Wheel Campers for Sale by Owner

In order to get the best deal on your next RV, it is important to know how to find good deals on fifth wheel campers for sale by owner. When searching for a new RV, a lot of people prefer Fifth wheel campers to Class A, Class B, or Class C RVs. Fifth wheels have a lot of room in them and come with up to three slide outs. If you already own a truck, they are the best way to get the most RV for your money.

 fifth wheel camper for sale by ownerBut how can you find fifth wheel campers for sale by owner for less? Well, one way is to find motivated sellers who have to sell. When somebody has to sell, they’re willing to sell even if they have to give you a discount. There are several reasons why people are motivated to sell, and some of the most common include job loss, excessive debt, divorce, death of a spouse, bad financial planning, inheriting an RV, or medical expenses. Given the age bracket of people who own RVs, there are a lot of them that opt to sell when a spouse dies. If someone is paying on an RV they are not using, they definitely want to sell as soon as they can. When you are buying an RV, you can buy from hundreds of different sellers. If you can find a seller who will benefit greatly from you buying their RV, you can typically get a better deal.

To find great deals, try to see if you can find old listings for the type of RV that you are looking for. Start by looking in your local newspaper, and check backdated publications to see if they have used fifth wheels for sale by owner. You can call people who listed up to two months ago, and most of the time, they probably won’t have sold their RV. Another great place to look is on Craigslist. While you’re online, you should also check out A lot of people who list RVs online are quite anxious to sell. Because of that, there are a lot of good deals on this site.

towing a used 5th wheel camperWhen you look through the classified ads, and online, and around town; you want to look for ads that have been around for a while. Most people when they start selling something think they can make good money on it, but as time goes by and it doesn’t sell, they are willing to drop the price several 1000’s of dollars. I typically like to look at 3 to 4 week old advertisement and contact people old listings. I have found lots of great deals this way.

How to Inspect a Fifth Wheel Camper for Sale by Owner

The advantage of buying a camper from an owner as opposed to buying a camper from an RV dealer, is that you have to inspect the camper yourself. However, inspecting is not too difficult as long as you know what to look for. The first thing you can look for when inspecting a camper is the amount hours on the generator, and the mileage. This will tell you how much the camper got used, and if it’s been lived in long. It will tell you if the price they’re asking is fair or not. Second, while you are still outside the camper, look at the siding and the roof. Look for any cracking, mold, and broken siding. Be especially careful around the windows, and make sure that there is proper insulation to keep rain and wind out. Once inside the camper, check the upholstery carefully. It is easy to see if someone has lived in a camper by looking at the wear spots in the upholstery.

One of the most important things to look for inside a fifth wheel camper and for any kind of mold for water damage. This is most often found around the windows, the roof, and around the plumbing. It is essential that if you find a leak that you fix it immediately, or don’t buy that camper. Mold will destroy the value of that camper faster than almost anything else.

Once you have thoroughly inspected the camper and are satisfied with its state, you are now ready to negotiate with the seller on the price. Be sure that you both win in this transaction. Don’t take the owner for everything they tell you, but be sure to get a good deal. Even if you are shy about negotiating on a fifth wheel camper for sale by owner, you can ask them what they are willing to take for the camper and then counter offer. Just remember this simple rule. The first price named is typically fairly close to the closing price, so try to get them to name a price first.

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  1. Frank Shelden

    My Wife and I are looking to trade our 1994 34ft Bounder. It has the Chevy 454 w/51,000 orig miles runs great. Everything works has no gen.. We looking at all offers we are looking for a 33+ fifth wheel if any one has said fifth wheel or toy hauler please contact us with pics at OR Thank you

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