How to Find Campers for Sale by Owner

campers for sale by owner in newspaperIt’s easy to find cheap campers for sale by owner once you know where to look for them. Most people will start by looking in the local classified section. Don’t forget that the newspaper is not the only place that advertises RVs and campers for sale. You can also typically find campers for sale in places like the Thrifty Nickel or the American Classifieds. You can even find them in classified sections that are specifically designed for RVs and boats. If you belong to an online RV community, they may also be advertising boats for sale. In addition to these places you can also find them advertises on Craigslist, Lycos, and several other free online classifieds listing. Since less than 1% of buyers travel more than 200 miles to buy an RV, try to concentrate your search in a radius of 50 miles or less. This way when you find something to buy, it will not take you very much time to go out and take a look at it.

Before you call the owner, try to work out an approximate value for that RV. You can use the Kelly blue book or the NADA guide books to help you decide what that RV is worth on a private party level. Although you do not have access to all the upgrades, focus your search on campers selling for less than Blue Book. This means that the owners are serious about selling.

You can call them and find out more about the RV. If you go out and look at the RV, you can also find out why they are selling it. And if they are real anxious and motivated to sell, you can typically pick up a used RV for 20 to 30% less than the Pvt. Party value. Ideally, you are not looking for RVs that have problems, rather you are looking for owners that have problems and want to sell their RV to help them overcome it. On average, at least 10% of sellers are very motivated to sell. But you still have to do the research to find these sellers to get best deals when you buy used campers for sale.

What Type of Camper for Sale by Owner Are you Looking For?

The first step to finding a great deal on campers for sale by owner is to decide exactly on the type of camper you want to buy. This will help you to narrow down your search. Also if you have a specific year or model you want, it will also help.

There are three different types of campers that you can buy

pop up campers for sale by ownerThe first is a pop-up camper. These are very popular because they are a lot more fun to take camping then going in a tent. Plus, a lot of pop up campers can sleep up to six people. For the average family, this is enough for a weekend camping getaway.

truck campers for sale be ownerThe second type of camper that a lot of people like to buy are truck campers. These are a good value, they can also conveniently fit on to the back of your truck so you do not actually have to pull a trailer. A lot of people like these because it does not need them to get a trailer or pay extra for a trailer license. Sometimes when you go to buy these truck campers for sale by owner, the truck will also be included.

trailer campers for sale by ownerThe third Camper that you can buy are trailer campers. These are also called travel trailers or small travel trailers. But a lot of people still call them campers depending on what area of the country they are in. Campers are typically smaller, but not always.

Learn more about how to buy RVs and Campers for sale by owner.

After you have decided what type of camper you want to buy, the next thing to decide on is whether you want to buy a used camper, or a new camper. New campers undeniably are just awesome. You get to have a camper that has never been used before. However, buying new means spending a lot of money that you can otherwise save. The reason why you spend more money buying a new camper is because, first and foremost, new vehicles depreciate in value the moment you drive it off the dealer’s lot. Second reason is that aside from paying for the camper itself, you will also be paying for the dealer mark-up on the camper you buy.

On the other hand, when you buy a used camper for sale by owner, you get to save a lot of money. Used campers do not depreciate in value as much as a new one. Buying a used camper from an owner will also give you the chance to negotiate with the owner, and arrive at a price that is appealing to both the owner and you. Just be sure to do a thorough inspection of the used camper you want to buy, to avoid buying a lemon camper.

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