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Motorhomes for sale by owner For every motorhome listed there are 5 to 10 times as many people would like to sell or have though about selling. If you are only looking for motorhomes for sale by owner in the newspaper, you could be looking at less than 10% of the inventory of motorhomes out there. Most people don’t sell their RV the first time they list it in the newspaper, after a few weeks a lot of them give up trying to advertise and sell their motorhome. Additionally, there are also a lot of bank repos or people selling to avoid financial problems. These motorhomes are deeply discounted and priced to sell quickly if you can find them. You can get fantastic deal on motorhomes for sale by owner if you know how to find them and this is the first step to saving 1000s of dollars on your next motorhome or RV. (Find motorhomes for sale by owner exclusively listed on this site!)

Get a Great Deal on Your Next Motorhome For Sale By Owner

Start with the classifieds- The first way is to start collecting classified newspaper listings. Find as many classifieds listing as you can and call the best deals you find and keep the rest in a file. A lot of owners will run an ad in the newspaper for 1 or two weeks. If they do not get a lot of calls, most people will not renew their listings. You can find phenomenal deals on used motorhomes simply by calling owners 1 to three months after their ad expires and asking them if the RV they had listed is still available. I love this method because it is a non competitive way to by used RVs from owners. Also I find that as time passes most seller become more motivated to sell.

looking for a used motorhome for saleLook at online listings – A second place to look is Craig’s list. Especially is you live near a large city, this can be a great resource for finding used motorhomes for sale. Often there are more RVs listed here then in the newspaper. Currently, it is a free place to list your motorhome and for this reason it gets a lot of posts. I like this resource a lot because  you can find a local units for sale. It seems like most people who post on Craigslist get calls on the first day but then fewer as time goes on. Not every used RV is a good deal but on average 10-20% are at or below blue book (not counting upgrades). The more motorhomes you look at, the more chance you have of finding an amazing deal. If the right deal comes around, you need to be ready. Another online source I have used successfully is Lycos and, (although you have to cut through the clutter of dealer RVs to find a good used motorhome for sale by owner.) (Try listing on our Free RV classifieds.)

Keep your eyes open- The next tip to finding an incredible deal on a used motor homes  is to keep your eyes open while you are driving or shopping. For sale by owner signs are everywhere. Also ask your friend and neighbors if they know of anyone who is selling an RV. Often people desperate to sell their RV, will park it on the side of the road with a for sale sign. Storage units are also a great place to find these signs if you can get .

Go to places of interest for RV owners. Find RV park N sell lots to attend or look through the parking lot at an RV show. When you see a RV you might like write down the phone number and call them as soon as you can. Also be proactive.  Talk to your family and friends and let them know you are looking for used motorhomes for sale by owner.  Very often, you will be able to find great deals.

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