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How does RVSaleByOwner.com Save Me Money?

Welcome to RVSaleByOwner.com! The goal of our website is to help save you time and money. I used to buy and sell RVs for a living. I know it’s a difficult process to try to find exactly what you what for a great price.  If you’re looking for great deal on a used RV for sale, we try to offer you a great choice of used RVs for sale by owner. If you’re looking to sell your RV, our primary goal is to save you a lot of time and money. Below are five ways that we can save you more money than any other online listing agency.

1. First of all, there is no fee to list your RV. We started our business with the idea that we wanted to help all our customers. By not having a fee, we make it easy for them to list, and get great results. Our primary goal is to bring both buyers and sellers together with out any intermediary fees so the seller can get more when they sell and the buyer can get a better deal.

2. Other listing services may not just charge a fee, but they may also charge you a commission to sell. On RVs, even a small percent of commission is a lot of money. Our goal is to help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible when you buy or sell.

3. Another great differentiation between us and the competition is you can post your listing up on our site for up to six months. There is no need to renew your listing every two weeks. If you happen to sell your RV faster, simply contact us by e-mail and will be glad to remove your listing from our website.

4. We don’t charge extra for pictures for premium listings. To us, every listing is a premium listing. Our goal is that make it easier for other people to find your RV and save a lot of cash.

5. RVSaleByOwner.com helps you to sell your RV faster by increasing the exposure they get on your ad. More than likely, you can also get more for an RV, if you are targeting a larger pool of interested buyers.

6. Our site delivers real traffic. We are often ranked first in Bing and Google for keywords that deliver buyers. Our goal is to target buyers who are specifically looking to buy RVs from owners just like you. This means the quality of our traffic is also extremely high. By listing your RV on our site, you will be able to get some of the best online traffic possible.

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6 responses to About Us/ Contact

  1. Robert Ellis

    I want to lower the price on my trailer to $17,000.00. I have the Montana Mountaineer 35′ FBBS. (562) 544-0721.

  2. Robert Ellis

    Please remove my add and thanks for the free site. I decided to keep it a little longer.

  3. Bev

    How do I get RID of this “Like” thing on the left, covering up the screen. Very aggravating. Please email me back.

  4. Carrie Parke

    Did you receive my email with our 2007 keystone Montana fifth wheel? I don’t see it posted?? Thanks!

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