Tricks to Advertising Your Motorhome for Sale by Owner

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Tricks to Advertising Your Motorhome for Sale

Sometimes selling used motorhomes for sale by owner can get frustrating. A lot of people will throw an advertisement or two of and wait for the calls come in. For the first week or so they may get a just a few phone calls.  Even if they are priced right, they may not get anyone out to take a look at  their motorhome.  When you’re advertising your motorhome for sale, you have a marketing plane in place to get people to come see it. This is best done with pictures.

If you get really nice pictures taken, it makes your motorhome look like a better deal.  Pictures are a great way to paint a first impression. One trick to make the motorhome looks spacious is to include as much floor in each picture as possible. Avoid pictures with very much ceiling in them. Try taking pictures from different angles and positions. Sometimes it is best to sit down while taking pictures or even laying down on the floor.

Make the Most When Selling Your Used Motorhome

In order to make the most money when you’re selling used motorhomes for sale by owner, you’ll want to make sure you price your motorhome correctly. You also want to make sure the motorhome is as clean and new looking as possible. Fix any minor repairs that you can and make the major repairs look as insignificant as possible.

First, you have to get a good blue book value for it. There’s several places to do this, but my favorite place is NADA guides online. In about 5 min. you can have a value for almost any motorhome built after 1985. If you are trying to sell motorhome built before 1985, check out several different ads to get some comparisons of what other people are selling theirs for. You can get a pretty good idea of what to price your motorhome at when you consider how many motorhomes there are for sale in that age range and what condition they’re in. Often with older motorhomes, it is harder to accurately price it.

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