Buying an RV FSBO

For sale by owner signAre you trying to buy an RV FSBO? You can find some really amazing deals on RVs when you buy them “for sale by owner”. RVs for sale by owner are the best deals when you find a motivated seller, either because he is in urgent need of funds, or he is avoiding foreclosure. This can ruin their credit, and they know they are going to lose their RV anyway. If you buy from someone in this condition, you can help them out and save a lot of money.

If you find a motivated seller, you should jump at the opportunity because these are the types of owners who can give you a good deal. These owners will no longer put more emphasis on the amount of money they get in exchange for the RV. But rather, their concern is to sell very quickly, because of the urgency of their situation. As a buyer, not only are you presented with the chance to walk away with a great deal, but you also can relieve these owners of their pressing need, and help them out of their problems. In the end, both you and the owner are greatly benefit when you buy their RV.

Why Is an RV FSBO A Better Deal Than Buying from a Dealer

There are several reasons why you might want to buy your next RV from an owner, rather than the dealer. First of all, owners do not make their living off of selling RVs for a profit.

Most owners have other interests that they are pursuing, and selling their RV is only a side issue that may even be distracting to them. For this reason, you can often find good deals when you are shopping for used RVs.

An RV for sale by owner is a better deal than buying one from a dealership, because often the dealer will tack on an extra 40% to pay for overhead, operating expenses, and their desired profit margin. Even if the dealer does find a good deal on a trade, they are not very likely to pass the savings on to you. If you could find someone who is willing to get rid of their RV for that dealer trade-in price, you would automatically save yourself 40% or 50% off of the dealer retail value.

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