Buying RVs for Sale by Owner Is a Great Way to Save Money

If there was a way that you could consistently save 25% to 40% off on the next RV that you buy, would you think it would be worth finding out? If you save 25% on a $40,000 RV, it is the same as saving $10,000. If you save 40% on a $100,000 RV, it is saving you $40,000. The methods described in this article will save you between $10,000 and $40,000 on the next RV you buy. Let’s talk a bit about where RVs sell and then we’ll talk about how to find the best deals.

RVs from a Dealership

Buying RVs from dealerships is convenient and fairly quick. People that do not want to invest a lot of time in finding a good deal often shop here. The advantages are that you can pretty much get any RV you want. If you are going to buy an RV that is new, I would recommend going to a dealership. However, if you want to save a lot of money, you will probably be a lot more interested in buying a used RV and not going to a dealership to buy one.

Buying RVs for Sale by Owner

how to save money when buying an RVWhen you’re buying RVs for sale by owner there are essentially two different ways to buy these RVs. The first is to try to buy an RV at retail. Again, this is a fairly simple and easy way to buy an RV. Most of the RVs list for close to their private party retail values. You can negotiate a little on the price, and eventually end up buying it for close to the private party retail. However, if you do it this way you won’t save yourself a lot of money. The best way to shop for RVs for sale by owner by a private party seller, is to try to buy them at wholesale prices. In order do this, you’re going to have to find somebody who wants to sell an RV more than you want to buy it. This means it might take you 20 or 30 phone calls to find someone like this. You may even have to go and look at a dozen RVs. But when you find motivated person, they will want to sell it to you more than they will want to get their full asking price. As a matter fact, they might be very motivated to give you 20 to 30% off. A lot of times these people start out by asking for an amount just under blue book. Your job is to call them and find out why they are selling. If you find out that they are selling because they’re getting divorced, or they are selling because they’re going through financial troubles or because they have inherited the RV, then you know they will be a bit more flexible in terms of what price they’re willing to accept. The key is to find out as much about the owner as you do about the RV. Make it a priority to know what motivates them to sell. When you understand how you can help them out, it generally translates into being able to help yourself out to a lower price. Even though this sounds like it is completely one-sided, it still works out great if you are just thinking about it as an opportunity to help out another person. You just have to find the person that needs the most help, and then you’ll be able to get a good deal on your RV.

Buying RVs from Auctions and from Banks

Bank Owned RVs For SaleIf you’re not much of a people person, that is okay because there is an easy way to save a lot of money. Actually, it really isn’t that easy, but it doesn’t take too much time and it does save you a lot. What you need to do is to find out where and when RV auctions occur locally. Going to local RV auctions is the best way to find great prices on used RVs. Occasionally you may find good deals on the Internet, but for the most part, actually going to the auction is your best way to save. Prices at auction vary from place to place, but generally they are 30 to 40% less than retail. In addition, you can also find repossessed RVs being sold by banks and buy them directly from the bank. This is kind of like a short sale, only the bank pretty much already knows that they are going to lose money and have to short sell the RV. Buying directly from the bank is probably a bit more difficult, and a bit more profitable than buying from an auction, simply because you don’t have as much competition if the bank sees you as the only buyer.

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