Buying Your First RV: What You Need To Know

So, you’ve decided to join the 8.2 million Americans who are enjoying the RV lifestyle. That’s great! However, there are several things you need to keep in mind before you go out there and buy your first home-on-wheels. This post will talk about some of the things you need to consider and watch out for when buying an RV for the first time.

RVs for sale by owner1. Buy old instead of new.  New RVs are just freaking awesome. There is nothing more satisfying than the feel of new leather, new carpets, and breathe in that fresh RV smell. However, the problem with new RV’s is that they tend to depreciate in value the moment they hit the road. Used RVs on the other hand, do not drop in value as much as a new RV does.

2. Buy RVs for sale by owner rather than from a dealership. Buying an RV for sale by owner can save you thousands of dollars. If you buy from an RV dealer, you will be paying way too much because of dealer mark-up’s. Dealerships have a lot of upkeep costs, such as RV storage, maintenance, dealer commissions and more. So if you decide to buy from a dealer, expect to pay more than an RV is actually worth. Buying an RV for sale by owner on the other hand will give you the chance to negotiate with an owner and come u with a price that both buyer and owner are satisfied with.

3. Buy from an RV auction. Aside from buying used RVs from an owner, buying from an RV auction is another great option for you. Auctions sell a lot of RVs that have been repossessed by banks. This means that a lot of these RVs are practically new, and are in excellent condition. Best of all, you can buy them at extremely low bidding prices.

RV for sale by owner

4. Do a complete RV inspection. Before buying, always do an internal and external inspection of the RV. Whether you are buying a new RV or an old one, inspection is very important, so you can avoid an RV that has a lot of existing problems. If you know nothing about RVs, or if it’s your first time buying one, bring along a friend who knows a lot of the RV lifestyle, or someone with auto expertise. Their opinions would greatly count and help you choose a great deal.

5. Know what kind of RV you want.  Before even thinking about looking for an RV to buy, it is best if you lay down the specifics of what you want beforehand. Things like how many people are going to occupy the RV is very important to consider. List them all down so when you look or shop for an RV, you have a guideline that you can follow, and make sure all the specs you are looking for are covered in the RV that you buy.

6. Get a good RV insurance. When you buy an RV, also include RV insurance in your plan. New RVs often come with insurance. With used RVs, you are totally on  your own. It is best to get your RV insured to prepare for untoward incidents like accidents, fires, or robbery. The unique thing about RVs is that they are both a home and a vehicle. Make sure when you get an insurance, that it covers both aspects of your RV, as a home and a vehicle.

There are still many other things to consider when buying an RV. Look around our site and read more of our posts to learn more about buying an RV. Also, if you have more ideas, feel free to share them by commenting below.

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