Four Ways to Find Cheap RV Insurance

If you’re in the market for saving money on the next RV that you buy, one of the easiest ways to do this is to get cheap RV insurance. If you have had your current insurance for more than two years, and your RV insurance rates have gone up, then it is probably time that you reevaluated your insurance coverage to see whether you could get the same insurance for less money. This article has four tips to a few: the cost of your RV insurance:

Shop around for Insurance- it is likely that the first girl you ever date you will end up marrying. Shopping for insurance is kind of the same thing. The first company in your rate quote may not always be the cheapest or gives you an adequate amount of coverage. However, if you shop around 4-5 insurance companies, you are likely to find one that will meet your needs and you save money.

Increase your deductible- if you can afford it, you should try to increase your deductible. By doing this, you will lower your monthly insurance premium. This is because the insured is taking less of a risk on you and so they can afford to insure you for a lower cost.

Improve your driving record- If you have a few tickets or an accident on your driving record, it can dramatically increase your rate. The first time I got in an accident, Geico quadrupled my rate. I wasn’t too excited about that so I switched insurance companies. It generally takes about two years for a ticket to leave your driving record and three years for an accident to get off of your record. You also do not want to get a DUI because if you get more than one of these, there are several insurance companies that won’t even be willing to give you insurance. This will not only dramatically increase your rate, but it will give you a lot fewer options to choose from.

Pay off your RV- This is a very good way to lower your insurance. If you pay off your RV, then you no longer have to have full coverage on your RV or motorhome. You only have to have liability. This could cut your insurance rate by more than 50%. Personally, I think you will like your RV much more when you don’t have a monthly payment on it. In the last two years, I have paid off both of my cars, and I think that they are much more fun to drive. I found that by switching my large truck over to liability only, I was able to drop my RV insurance by 55%. I do recommend however that you keep on insured motorist insurance. These are the increasing amount of drivers that do not have insurance.

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