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“Very informative and great site. Thanks for the tips about how to sell an RV fast. Now I know how I can find interested buyers for my RV.”   —  TESSA  S.

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Buying an RV for Sale by owner is the best way to buy your next RV. At, we are here to help you – whether you are a Buyer or a Seller. For Buyers, we are here to help you find more RVs for sale by owner, both on this site and on your own. We also have different tips that will help you save the most money when you buy an RV. For Sellers, we are here to help you list your RV free and help you sell your RV much faster!

Here are just some of the many things you can benefit from out site:
1) Where do I Find Local RVs For Sale? (see below)
2) RV FSBO Tips For Buying and Selling Fast. (see below)
3) How to Find More RVs and Motorhomes for Sale by Owner

Tips for Selling Your RV For Sale By Owner Quickly

It's fun to buy and RV or Travel trailer for sale by Owner1) Develop a marketing Strategy. Select 4-5 of the advertising methods listed above. Go crazy. Put a big sign in your RV windows and park it near a busy intersection. People will be more interested in buying a ‘used RV for sale by owner’ if they feel it could sell tomorrow.
2) Clean and deodorize your RV. Fix any minor repair that would deter someone from buying. Smoking and pet smells can kill the sell or your RV. Get rid of them if possible.
3) Give anyone that comes to look for a flyer describing the RV for sale by owner and if they tell you they seem interested but don’t make an offer, get their phone number and follow-up.
4) Talk to everyone you know including friends, family, and neighbors. Your neighbors are more than likely in the same stage of life as you and in the same social economic class. Very often, neighbor are the ones that by an RV for sale by owner. This works great when selling used cars.
5) RV selling is very seasonal and the good seasons can vary by state. The best time to sell is when most people would be using an RV. Advertise especially well during the spring and summer.
6) Be ready to negotiate. Also have a local credit union picked out where they could get great rates on RV loans if they need to get one.

Tips For How to Price your Used RV For Sale By Owner:

When looking to sell your used RV for sale by owner the best place to start is finding a good asking price. Two free RV pricing guides are the Nada guide and the Kelley Blue book. Listing it for the recommended price at first is a good idea to test the market. Usually, ones priced below average will sell faster. The average market price varies by area. It’s worth it to do some research on comparable RVs in your area and find out what they are asking for comparable RVs in local newspapers and magazines.

How to find out the Market value of your RV with NADA

1) Visit NADA Guides dot-com. (Link available on Recommended links page)
2) Click on Recreational Vehicles, then click on the type of vehicle you wish to sell. (i.e. Camper, Motor home, Trailer, 5th wheel, Travel Trailer).
3) Choose the manufacturer and the year manufactured.
4) Next pick the model number with the length and width. (This model number, usually is found on a plate or sticker near the door. It should also be on the papers you received when you bought it.)
5) This will take you to a page with upgrades. (In some cases, not all upgrades will increase the value.  We suggest you stick with using the ones given to not over price your RV.)
6) Click on get used value and this will give you a low and an average retail value.

*New article: RVs For Sale By Owner: Three Simple Ways to Find A Great Deal

How to Find Used RVs For Sale By Owner

There are many places you can find or advertise motorhomes, campers, fifth wheels, or used RVs for sale by owner. You need to remember that RVs is a numbers game. The more interested prospects, the more likely you are to sell it fast.
1) For the Buyer: You can find RVs listed for sale at an RV Park and Sell lot. Most States have these, they are just places where several owners will pay to park their RVs over the weekend. People who want to buy a used RV for sale by owner flock to these places because there is a large choice of inventory for sale by owner in one place. To make and offer on a used RV for sale by owner, just contact the seller.
For the Seller: In the Spring and summer, during RV fever season, take the RV to a “Park’ n Sell” with some flyers to help advertise the coach or RV. Also take your RV to an RV show, park it near the entrance.  Place a large “for sale” sign on it. With any luck you will have an offer by the end of the day!
2) For the Buyer: try Craigslist for local listings. Also try our site. It is a great resource. There are also some free places to advertise listed below and you can also find good listing there.
For the Seller: Use free Online ‘RV for sale by owner’ marketing campaign. Post ads by going to our free listings. Also you can use Craigslist, Google Base, Oodle, Edgeio, Vast, Lycos Classifieds . When possible, use pictures.
Happy couple getting a great deal on an RV from a dealer3) For the Buyer: Most RVs for sale by owner aren’t advertised in the newspaper. As you are driving to and from work, look for RVs for sale park near high traffic areas. If you start paying attention you will find 2 or 3 RVs for sale just driving to work or around your neighborhood. Also these sellers are usually very anxious to sell.
>For the Seller: Buy two large for sale by owner signs to put in your RV with your phone number and any information to help you sell such as ‘price reduced’. Park the RV near a busy road or intersection. Most RV are big enough to attract their own attention. Results vary but a good rate of response is about two calls a day.
4) Advertise in RV specific newspapers and magazines (such as Boat and RV Trader). People looking to buy will frequent these papers often. Try to make your ‘RV for sale by owner’ listing different from all the other RVs out there and give them a reason to call.
For the buyer: This is a great place to find a lot of RVs and many of them will sell very quickly.
5) Cheap classifieds. You can list or find great deals in the cheap classified. (Such as America Classifieds, Thrifty Nickel, etc.)  Run a 7-10 word line add in the cheap classifieds. It only should cost $2 to $6 dollars per week a per area and generate a few calls. In my experience cheap classifieds work better for selling cheap or luxury RVs.
6) Local newspaper. It is expensive, but it can bring in serious buyers. Best when placed during RV buying season. Make sure to advertise in most specific area. Give people a reason to call.

Why is using a dealership to sell your RV not a good idea

Typical selling commissions on homes are 4-6%, but with RVs the commissions dealers make are often as high as 30-50%. This is why it is a better for you to sell it yourself. Dealers are not on your team like real estate agents. Every dollar extra they can make you go down on the trade in price of your used RV is an extra dollar they can put in their pocket. We will tell you why plus give you the best advice to help you list and sell your used RV for sale by owner. We hope to present you with lots of new information for selling your RV.
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  1. Tessa

    Very informative and great site. Thanks for the tip about how to sell an RV fast. Now I have tips on how I can find interested buyers for my RV.

  2. PJ

    I have a 1986 Winnebago Chiefton with a 700 kW onan generator. It only has 54,000 mild on it and around 200 on the generator. I went through a Foreclosure and the mechanic took the starter out but I had to have it towed off so I would not lose it due to the foreclosure. It is a class A 34′ if you are interested in it make me an offer, I will barter, or trade with some cash. Email or text 239-322-8668 my loss is your gain. What do you have to trade?

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