Find a Motivated Seller When You Buy Your Next RV

Hoe to find a motivated sellerThere are several reasons a person wants to sell their RV quickly.  To get the best deal it is important to find out exactly why they want to sell.

When you are talking to an owner over the phone about their RV, you never know exactly what you are going to get before you call. Sometimes, they will want to sell because they want to avoid bankruptcy. Sometimes, they’ll want to sell because they inherited the RV and hate having it sit there in front of their garage. Sometimes they want to sell because they know that their ex is going to get most of the money, and they want to sell it to you for as little as possible.

There are many reasons why people will be crazy. The nice thing about crazy people however, is that they are not interested in saving money. So when you’re dealing with these kinds of people, they can give you an excellent opportunity to save money. This is especially the case if they have an emotional problem solved simply by selling their RV.

Why Should I Buy a Used RV for Sale by Owner?

RV for sale by ownerFirst of all, RVs for sale by owner are typically cheaper than those you find at the dealership.

In addition, you won’t have as much depreciation buying an RV for sale by owner, as if you bought it at the dealership.

The third benefit is you don’t have to worry about the hard salesperson getting you to buy something you really can’t afford or don’t really want.

Fourth, owners are more willing to negotiate. If there’s a tear on one side of the cushion, you could ask for a discount, or a full tank of gas in exchange for not having them worry about fixing the problem.

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