How to Advertise Your Travel Trailer for Sale

camper for sale by ownerWhen it’s time to sell your travel trailer, you need to advertise it properly to get enough people calling to get it sold. Just putting up an advertisement in your local newspaper that says “travel trailer for sale” is not going to work.

It’s not a bad idea to put up several advertisements with different companies. It is also a good idea to vary the kind of advertising that you’re using. When you’re choosing between ads that allow pictures and ads that don’t, choose the ads with the picture. Unless it is several times more expensive to put a picture with your ad, it is usually a much more effective tool to use. When people see a picture of a travel trailer and they like that picture, they will be willing to go take a look at it. However, people are much more reluctant to spend their time driving around to look at travel trailers even though they may have called on.

Getting the Most for Your Used Motorhome for Sale

In order to get the most money when selling used motorhomes for sale by owner, you need to advertise it properly. Advertise the motorhome in at least five different places.

for sale signThe first step to advertise your motorhome is to set a budget for yourself. Depending on how much the motorhome is worth, this budget could reasonably be between $100 and $300. After you’ve determined your budget, you’ll want to choose at least three different types of advertising. These could include online advertising, newspaper classifieds, motorhome magazines, parking your motorhome with a sign in the window, etc.

Once you have chosen the three different types of advertising, you need to find the different companies to place these ads with. List them in order of price. And then list them in order of amenities. Then you can make decisions based on the best quality for the best price.

For instance, an ad that costs $15 for 50 characters and no pictures, is cheaper than an ad that cost $50, but if the $50 ad includes a picture as well as 200 characters, this may end up being a better deal. By effectively advertising, you will get the most calls and have a lot of potential byyer, allowing you to get the most for your motorhome.

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