How to Buy RV Trailers for Sale by Owner : Pitfalls and What to Look for

Common Mistakes When You Buy RV Trailers for Sale

travel trailer for saleOne of the biggest pitfalls that people make is trying to buy a new RV before they sell their old one. Don’t let this mistake happen to you. Make sure that you sell your RV before you buy a new one. This will give you more cash to put down on a newer RV, and if you are making payments on your old RV, you can get rid of your payments by selling it. Basically, this is a really good idea because it puts you in a better financial situation. Sometimes you can get really good deals on RV trailers for sale when you’re buying them from a person who is trying to sell their old RV after they have already bought a new one.

Unless you can find an amazing deal on a new RV trailer for sale, you are going to get a better deal and save more money buying a used one. You can often find RV trailers for sale by owner that people have purchased brand-new and hardly even used. Because these RVs are three or four years old, they are often nearly half the price of buying a new RV. If the RV has only been used a half a dozen times in three or four years, it will be in excellent condition.

Before You Buy RV Travel Trailers for Sale by Owner, You Need to Inspect Them

Always ask the current owner for a copy of their maintenance records. Most of the time people who own motorhomes or RVs keep pretty good tabs on their maintenance work.  (It is an excellent idea to do this if your vehicle is still under warranty, if you need to make a claim.)

inspecting travel trailers for sale by ownerOne of the first things that you should do is to inspect the outside of the use RV. Make sure to inspect the roof for any signs of recent repair to leaks. Also, make sure to inspect the sides for signs that the vehicle  may have gotten in an accident. When you’re buying an RV, it is usually a good idea to get a Car Fax report on that RV. Most of the time nothing serious will show up that you didn’t know about, but sometimes it can save you a lot of money.

While you are inspecting the outside, take the time to also inspect the tires. If the RV sits in the sun for some time, the tires may have started to crack. If this is the case, you’re going to need to replace them right away. Next, inspect the interior of the RV trailer. Make sure that everything is working properly, that the appliances, and batteries are in good condition. If there are any slide outs, make sure to test them. Believe it or not, a fridge for an RV can actually cost a bit of money.

Also, make sure to inspect all the plumbing. And try out the water heater, and the generator ( if it has one) just to make sure that it works. A lot of RVs will keep track of the hours on their generator. This determines RV usages, the same way an odometer determines usage on a car. If the generator has low hours, it means that the RV probably hasn’t been used very often. If there are high hours on the generator, then someone has lived in the RV for a long time.

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