How to Sell your Travel Trailer For Sale by Owner

When it’s time for your RV to join the throngs of RVs and travel trailers for sale, you want to have a selling strategy. This will increase your chances of success and will also get you the best price.

Here’s a few things to help you develop your strategy. Choose a minimum of four advertising methods. Make sure the travel trailer is properly cleaned and smells good. In your advertising, make people believe that the deal is so great they will miss out if they don’t hurry to buy. Talk to everyone you know and tell them your travel trailer is for sale. You never know when they know someone who’s looking to buy.

If you are like me, you want to get the most money for your RV when you sell it. You also want to sell it quickly. In order to do this, you have to prepare your RV and market it to the widest audience possible. The more people who see your RV, the better chances you have of finding someone who is willing to pay for it quickly and give you your asking price. So if I was listing RVs for sale by owner, this is why you want to list it for sale in many places at the same time. Keep track of your return so that you know which method of advertising works best.

A Few Tips To Advertise Your RV

To start with, I would list them all on the free classified ads online, such as Craigslist, and I would also list it on, and Lycos. You can also pay for classified listings in your local newspaper, or in a classified paper that specializes in selling cars and RVs.

Another way you can expose your RV to more buyers, is to put an “RV for sale by owner” sign in the window and park it next to a busy street.

Another thing that has become popular in the last decade, is to put your RV in an RV Park and Sell. Basically, you rent out a spot for a weekend. Usually it costs $40 or $50. You park your RV on a lot with some information in the RV about the price and features. Then you allow the owner of the lot to have keys to unlock your RV every day. Then as people come and visit the lot they can view several different RV’s for sale by owner. And if they’re interested in buying yours, they can contact you directly.

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