How to Sell Your Used RV 

If you’ve decided to sell your RV, but don’t know where to start, begin by deciding how you want to sell it: to a dealer, by consignment or private party on your own.

Ways to Sell a Used RV

Dealer     Selling it to a dealer is the easiest and fastest with very little work for you to do. Unfortunately, you will get the least amount of money out of this option. A dealer has to make a profit on your vehicle.  He will offer you a lower price, so he can mark it up when he sells it to someone else.

Consignment     Some dealerships will take recreation vehicles on consignment. This way your vehicle will be on their lot and they will sell it along with their other inventory. When it sells, they take their fee or commission out of the money and pass the rest along to you. It typically takes longer and the salespeople will probably try harder to sell other used RVs before yours, but it does mean more money and less involvement with selling part of it.

Private Party        If you choose to sell your used RV on your own, you will be responsible for advertising it, answering buyer questions, showing the vehicle, facilitating test drives and making sure all the paperwork is correct. You will spend the most time but get the highest price this way. Learn how to sell your RV for sale by owner.

Determining a Fair Price
Next you should research a fair price. Even if you plan on selling the RV to a dealer, you will want to know its worth to make sure you are getting a good offer. Avoid asking yourself “What do I need to sell my RV for?” You do not want to price it too high or too low. Instead, check the Nada Guide and Kelly Blue Book values. Look at the trade-in values if you are selling to a dealer and the retail prices if you are doing it on your own. You want something below high-retail to generate interest. If you go for the highest possible price, you probably will get less buyer inquiries, it may take a long time to sell and you might end up taking even less than you would have gotten if you had priced it a little lower to begin with. For consignment, you will work out an agreement with the dealership which will be handing the sale of the vehicle.

Prepare Your RV
You will want to make sure your RV is clean and you have all the maintenance records and manuals together in one spot. While a dealership will do their own cleaning and detail after they purchase the vehicle, they may offer you a better price if the RV looks better and has the extra paperwork, which makes their job easier. It will help it sell faster if it is on consignment. This part is especially important if you are selling an RV on your own. You want to make sure it also had a recent tune-up and any other maintenance. Be sure to fix any broken fixtures or minor repairs.

Advertise Your RV
If you are selling it yourself, you will need to market your vehicle on your own. Use a range of places and types of advertising to get the word out to the most people. Put one or two “for sale” signs in the RV and include a window sheet with the basic information. Post an ad online (some sites are free or very inexpensive) and/or put one in the local classifieds. Many classifieds, have a section just for RVs. Be sure to tell friends and neighbors you are selling so they can help spread the word. If they’re interested, you probably wouldn’t know it unless you brought it up.

Selling your RV/Trailer

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