Buy RVs for Sale by Owner vrs an Auction

Just because you go to an RV auction to buy your next RV doesn’t mean that you are getting the best deal that is out there. As a matter fact, buying an RV for sale by owner is just as good of an opportunity to save money, as buying one from an auction. The downside of going to an auction is there will be more of competition. People who go are all interested in saving money.   There is also competition at most auctions. If you want to save the most money, you need to avoid the competition.

The other drawback of going to an RV auction is that you are typically required to pay cash for the RV. This usually involves a lot of money and it is hard to come up with. Wouldn’t you prefer to buy the same thing and not have to pay cash for it and get a better deal? I sure would!

By buying the right kind of RV for sale by owner, you can sometimes save more money than you can save at an RV auction. The way you do this is by tracking down specific types of sellers. You are not interested in mainstream sellers or even normal sellers, what you are interested in is buying RVs for sale by owner from people who really need to sell. Some of these people are in foreclosure, other ones just have to sell for their own personal reasons. If you buy from people who are in foreclosure already, you may have to short sell the bank to get the offer accepted. If you buy from people who own their RV out right that just have to get rid of it, then you can typically get an even better deal. People who own their RV out right, can basically give you any price you want as long as it fits with their game plan. If they decide that they can take 50% of the value of their motorhome to get it sold, then they will do it.

Reason Sellers will be Motivated

I have met people who have to sell to pay medical bills, and I have met people who have to sell to split an inheritance. These people either have to or really to sell. If they take their RV to the dealer, they’re going to get about $.50 on the dollar of what it is worth. So many people go to a dealer because it is easy. But the real trick is to find these people before they take their RV into a dealership. It is always nice to save money, and when you can save $.50 on the dollar for the next RV you buy, it is even better.

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