RVs For Sale By Owner: Three Simple Ways to Find A Great Deal

One of the best ways to get a great deal on a used RV is to buy an RV for sale by owner. Dealers sell used RVs, but they usually sell them for a lot more than private party. Even Kelley Blue Book and NADA have separate values for sale by private party & RVs for sale at a dealership (where the price for the dealer is always higher). You save a lot when you buy used RVs for sale by owner. Here are a few ways you will be able to find them and pick out the very best.

RVs for sale by owner in the Newspaper1 – The first place most owners will list RVs for sale by owner is in the local newspaper in a classified ad. Since it is often their first step – they are not yet too anxious to sell and will typically list for “high” price. However, if you can get a hold of some old papers, this contains a goldmine of owners wishing to sell. Imagine if they list their RV & haven’t sold it in three months. They’re way more willing to take a lower price. You can find old newspaper listing around the house or at the library. Or, you can just start keeping yours and in 2 months call on the ones listed.

Also, don’t forget about the ‘cheap classifieds ads that they give away for free at the local supermarkets. Pick on up every few weeks and look through it.

2 – A second place owners will list their RVs for sale by owner is on craigslist.com. This is a free listing for them, and is a simple “no brainer”. Here you will have a harder time finding a great deal because the listings automatically delete after a certain length of time. However, when you are looking, look at the oldest listings first and assume that not everyone really knows what their RV is really worth.

On a side note, before you make any phone calls, take a few minutes to visit Kelly Blue Book or NADA to get a good idea of what the market value is. Don’t add in any features when you’re doing this – even if they have them listed in their add, then if you buy a few thousand lower, you know you are getting a great deal because it is worth even more with all the features added in.

finding used motorhomes and RVs3 – A really great place to find RV owners that are just sick and tired of their RV & want to sell and haven’t had any luck is on the myriad of online “sell your RV here” websites. Look them up; few of them really work because they just don’t have enough local traffic to drive the buyers that owners are looking for. Several of these sites charge hundreds of dollars to list, which is good for you because you know the owner really wants to get rid of their RV.

The best way to find these sites is just to google something like “used RVs for sale” or “RV for sale by owner”. You’ll be amazed at the number of sites you’ll find. The same rules apply – don’t discount the older listing, because you can find great deals on an RV for sale by owner and you can often find people who are more desperate to sell.

I have found several great deals on RV searching this way and I’m sure you can too. Good luck & happy hunting!

The Following are all listing on this website. Hopefully they will find what you are looking for!

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