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Are you interested in selling your RV using free online RV classifieds? Advertising it online will help you get more exposure, this means you can often sell your RV for more and sell it faster. Our online listings will give you the best chance of finding local buyers and closing a sale.



Please include the name, make and model of your RV. Also the state where the RV is located. Also include your contact information for buyers who may want to call or contact you. We post submission up every other day, so you can expect your listing to be up very soon. Limit Ad size to 200 words only. Ads more than 200 words will be cropped.  Please send pictures in jpeg format.

Disclosure: You take responsibility for your own ad. Your description will be posted just as you send it to us (please limit Ad to 200 words ) and we will include your email as the contact information. If you give us a phone number we will also include it. The customer will contact you directly. You are responsible for selling it and getting paid. Best luck!

Our service is 100% FREE. No fees will be collected when you post your RV listing on our site.


As a seller, never accept money orders online. We suggest meeting the buyer in person. Beware of ‘marketing’ companies that charge ridiculous fees to list your RV. There are so many scams out there. A friend of mine paid $1200 as a pre-qualification fee to have his RVs listed online and the people actually came by to ‘do an inspection’ and pick up his check. He never heard from them again. That is just wrong. The best online RV advertising should be FREE.

The advantage of internet advertising is that you have access to a large market place. We have 1,000s of potential buyers visit our site each week!

SELL YOUR RV WITH US, to get in front of 1,000′s of buyers interested in buying Motorhomes, Travel trailers, Campers and RVs for sale by owner. Sell your RV Today!

Also don’t forget to +1 our site so we can stay at the top of search engines and sell your RV faster!

Other Free Classifieds Websites:

Here some other popular (mostly FREE) RV classifieds website where you can list your RV for sale: (We honestly just want to help you out!)

1. 4/5 stars Free listing. Depending on the area, your RV classified listing lasts 1 week to 60 day. It is a free listing. It’s worth renewing your listing every 1 to 2 week. Be sure to include pictures and a reason to call.

2. Google base 2/5 stars Free Online RV classifieds.

3. RV Trader or RV hunter 3/5 stars (It was about $50) It was really nice site until they sold out to the dealerships.

4. Kijiji, Oodle, Lycos. 2/5 stars Free and I think they are all owned by the same company, they have gotten 1 or 2 phone calls in the past.

5. not rated yet, may try it out in the future. (please email me if you want to be added to this list!)

6. Check you local newspaper only. Even though they charge to list, they may also have a free online posting for RV Classifieds.

Not only do you need to have a lot of great pictures when you post your add, but you should also try to include a lot of useful details. A longer description with more information will generally attract more buyers than a shorter online listing. A more description may also help people find your ad. Try and use works to describe it that you know others will be search for.

When you price it, try to keep your price reasonable. Don’t ask to much for it because that is more than most people are willing to pay. We suggest that you mention that your price in negotiable or put in best offer. This will allow you to attract buyers that may be willing to pay close to your asking price. You can always turn down offers that are to low or try and talk them up.

For online RV auctions we recommend eBay. This is a great way to get instant cash for your RV. Use the completed listings option to help you know how to price it and whether or not your rv is likely to sell. Living next to a large population also helps when selling RVs on eBay.

What are some of the things you should do to prepare to sell your trailer or rv? For starters get it cleaned and take really nice pictures. If people like what they see online, they will call you. Replace light bulbs have it detailed and charge the battery. These things will increase the amount of interest and the amount of bids you will be likely to get for your trailer or RV.

*Learn how to sell RVs for sale by owner!

2 responses to Sell Your RV For Free!

  1. Rod

    Hi… Was reading your message above on which websites allow free ads. Just want to let you know that we also allow free listings, and have more RVs for sale by owners than most of our competition.
    Please check out our site, and hopefully add us to your list.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Pat Dotson

    How on earth does one post on your website. Every option I tried gave me nothing to work with. I have a 2005 American Tradition Coach to sell, but cannot access your website to post it. Please help. Tom Dotson

    AND a facebook like, Tweet, Pin it was on the page and I couldn’t remove it. Advertising on advertising!!

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