Small Travel Trailers for Sale by Owner

small travel trailers for sale by ownerFinding small travel trailers for sale by owner is pretty exciting. My wife and I used to own a small travel trailer. It was the perfect size for the weekend getaway. It slept up to six people and we could tow it just fine behind our truck. The biggest advantage of buying small travel trailers is that they are not very expensive. Travel trailers are less expensive than motorhomes, and small travel trailers start around $10,000. You can pay anywhere between 10 to $50,000 for a new one. If you are buying a used travel trailer, you can get a better deal. The best way to buy a used travel trailer is to buy it from a private party seller. Usually when dealers sell these trailers to you, they have a 30% to 40% markup on them.

Search Online for Small Travel Trailers for Sale by Owner

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One of the first places where you can go to find small travel trailers for sale by owner is online. You should definitely try using Craigslist because there is always a lot of good inventory for sale there. In addition, you can also go to and click on travel trailers for sale. You will find that the sellers there are not as finicky as the ones on Craigslist. You could also try other online venues like RV trader, or RV classifieds. The problem with those places is that most of the people advertising there are dealers, and if you buy from them you will probably end up paying too much.

Be Sure to Check Out Print Advertising

small travel trailer for sale by owner

small travel trailers are easy to tow anywhere!

Aside from the local newspaper, there may also be classifieds in your town that specialize in selling RVs and boats. That would also be a good place to find a small travel trailer for sale by owner. Additionally, you will also want to look in the “cheap classifieds”.  These thifty classifieds the Little Nickel, or the American Classifieds. Basically they just contain classified ad listings. People like to use these for less expensive trailers because it only cost $7 to $15 to place an ad. You may find some small trailers advertised in the newspaper, but generally if it cost $50 or $80 to place an ad in the newspaper, you won’t find these advertised very often.

Ask People You Know for Help

Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they know anyone that is selling. You’ll be surprised how often you are able to find a great deal on used travel trailers for sale by owner, just by talking to friends and family. Everyone probably knows someone who is selling. All you have to do is just talk about it, and you may find someone willing to sell. A friend of mine just bought an RV from a colleague at work. His friend at work was upgrading and they want to sell their small travel trailer first. This was a great opportunity to help him get a good deal and help his friend sell his travel trailer as well.

If you’re looking for a specific type of travel trailer, say you’re interested in a Coleman pop-up camper, it might be a good idea to place an ad somewhere like on Craigslist. If you place an ad that says “want to buy a small travel trailer, will pay cash”, you may get a lot of people calling you and an opportunity to get a great deal that isn’t advertised anywhere else. This message doesn’t work as well with some of the bigger motorhomes, but if you’re just interested in buying small travel trailers for sale by owner, it might be the perfect way to do it.

* Looking for travel trailers for sale by owner? Check out our travel trailer listings here: Travel Trailers for Sale

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  1. carmen garces

    i want camper

  2. Rose Trammell

    Need b4 to16ft single axel travel trailer with bed bath and cook area

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