Small Travel Trailers for Sale and How to Find Them

You may experience a little more difficulty finding small travel trailers for sale. This is because they are not that expensive buy in the first place and a lot of people will keep them once they have paid them off and not sell them. Also people don’t have much need to sell them because they can easily store them in their garage and not have to pay to store. If you are having a hard time finding small travel trailers for sale by owner, here are several good places you can look for them:

Online - One place where I would look for small travel trailers is online. I definitely would try using Craigslist. Because they are a free classified section, a lot of people use them for selling inexpensive items. This would be a good place to start looking for small cheap travel trailers for sale.

Cheap Classifieds - Another place you could try looking is in the “cheap classifieds”. The newspaper is an expensive classified listing, but there are also other places to sell that only cost six or seven dollars to put an ad in. These are newspapers like the thrifty nickel, or the American classifieds. This is just a free classified paper that you can pick up at any grocery store.

Referrals - Also, I think it is a good idea to talk to relatives, friends, and family members. It’s possible for you to get a really good deal on one, simply by buying it from a family member. Small children are not a high priority to sell. People may hold on to them for years just waiting for someone to ask if they can buy it. You will be doing them a favor when you buy their travel trailer.

Advertise Your Interest - The last thing you can do to help you find a small trailer place an ad in the newspaper yourself or put an ad on Craigslist. For example, your ad could say “Looking for a travel trailer, will pay cash, under $1000.” you’ll be surprised at how effectively this works in getting people to call you. The important thing to keep in consideration is that most of the travel trailers that are for sale aren’t listed. By putting a and out looking for them, you are going to get calls from people who really want to sell, but just haven’t gotten around to it sooner.

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