Three Reasons Buying a New RV or Travel Trailer is a Good Idea

new trailr vrs for sale by ownerBuying a new travel trailer for sale is sometimes a better idea than buying used. If you’re in the market for buying an RV, there are several good reasons why you should consider buying a new RV or travel trailer.

For starters, when you buy RVs for sale by owner, you never really know how well the RV was maintained. You don’t want to buy an RV where the owner has never changed the oil or has never done any maintenance.

When you buy a new RV or travel trailer, you get exactly what you want. When you buy used, you have to settle for what is available. It is very rare that you find the exact model and layout that you want that still has the color scheme you would have picked out.

new travel trailer for saleA second reason to buy new is to get the manufacturer’s warranty. When manufacturers put a new line out, they often have glitches in them that have must be worked out. The manufacturer’s warranty can come in handy. Also, it is great to know that most of your repairs are covered under the warranty.

Having the new RV smell instead of the lingering smell is worth a few thousand dollars all by itself. This is the last reason why a lot of people prefer to buy new. You don’t have to settle for an RV that smells like somebody wet dog. RVs are notorious for keeping the smells of their earlier inhabitants. This is especially true if they have lived in the RV for some time. If the previous owner smoked cigarettes, or had a dog or a cat living in the unit, they could smell horrible, and even if you try everything to get rid of that smell, some of it may still linger.

If you get manufacturer and dealer incentives working for you, you can save a bit. This happens when the dealership is trying to empty their lot at the same time that a manufacturer is giving discounts on the same RVs.

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