Inspecting a Used Travel Trailer or Motorhome For Sale By Owner

When you are buying a used RV, you never really know what you are getting. However, knowing how to properly inspect a used travel trailer or motorhome for sale by owner is the best way to prevent yourself from buying a lemon. These are some of the thing you should inspect.

Tires- When motorhome are properly stored, the tire should be covered to prevent them from getting damaged by the sun. Motorhome that have set in the sun for a long time, maybe cracked or damaged, If this is the case, you will be spending a lot of money replacing them in the near future. Motorhome tires can be very expensive. If you are buying a travel trailer of motorhome with bad tires, make sure to deduct this from the price you would otherwise be willing to offer.

The body – Carefully check the body for damage. Fiberglass motorhomes and travel trailers are very expensive to fix. Avoid buying travel trailers for sale by owner with fiberglass shells that need to be replaced. Also for the most part avoid buying trailer that have been wrecked. If the owner does not currently have a ‘wrecked title, you may need to get one before you can sell it again and it will greatly reduce what you can sell it for later on.

Mileage, Engine- Be sure to check the mileage and also check the engine for leaks. Ask to see if regular record have been kept of the maintenance of the RV. The maintenance records will give you a factual record of what problems the RV has had and how well it has been taken care of. If you do not know much about cars, consider having it checked out at a mechanic’s shop.

Roof- An RV with a leaky rook isn’t worth a whole lot. Check the roof for and leaks or signs that it has been repaired. When you are inside the RV, see it it smells musty of damp and if you can determine where these smell are coming from. They might be due to water damage.

Bathroom and windows – Check the window also for water damage and broken seals. Windows can easily be fixed by caulking but it is nice to know what you are getting yourself into. Bathroom and kitchens are also a good place to check of water leaks or sign of water damage.

Smell and Generator Hours- As a general rule avoid travel trailers that small like cigarettes, mold, mildew, pets, or fish. Even if the smell is faint, it may get a lot stronger to you if you live in it. Checking the generator hours will give you a good indication of how long the trailer has been lived in. Even if the RV for sale by owner seems like a great deal, avoid buying trailers that have been lived in for a long time. They will also be a lot harder to sell later on.

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