What Are Three Different Ways You Can Buy a Motorhome?

There are essentially three different types of motorhomes that you can buy. Each type has its own price range and applies to a specific type of buyer.

new motorhomes for saleBuying New Motorhomes

Imagine buying a motorhome that has never been used or lived in before. Everything is in good working condition and covered by a warranty.  You won’t have to spend very much money in repairs for the first five years that you own this motorhome. In addition, you can also get motorhomes that come with a good 3 to 5 year warranty on them.

The next type of motorhome is a used motorhome. Most of the time, you can buy a motorhome for sale by owner. You can get a pretty good deal if you shop around and know how to negotiate with private party sellers.

The third way in which you can buy a motorhome for sale, is to buy one sold at an auction. This is probably the cheapest way that you can buy a motorhome, but it also assumes a  more risk.

repossessed RVs The motorhomes you’ll find at a auctions will have varying degrees of use. Some will be several years old with lots of use, and some will be practically brand-new. Risk is the biggest downside to an RV auction. There are no guarantees. The biggest upside is finding RVs and motorhomes that have been drastically reduced in price (especially if you are comparing them to new motorhomes).

These cheap RVs for sale are typically (though not always) owned by a lending company, and the person who owed the lending company money for the RV didn’t pay anymore. As soon as they stopped paying, the lending company went out and repossessed the motorhome.

Repossessed RVs are different from repossessed cars.   RVs are such a high-end product, most of them are in good condition overall.  It is a good idea to bring someone along who knows a lot about RVs. If you are looking for a travel trailer or fifth wheel and are somewhat knowledgeable about them, you can probably do okay by yourself. But if you don’t know a ton about RVs, at least take a mechanic along with you to check out the engine, to make sure you’re not buying a lemon.

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